12 Week SHRED


My goal is to make programming progressive so we can hit quantifiable results and work as a team to achieve these desired results. 

Here's how it works...

Before we start, we will begin with a 30-minute phone consultation in which I collect data about your current eating habits, workout routine, and life structure. I will then disassemble your diet, meal frequency, and work structure to come up with a plan that can be sustainably executed. Plans then get built from the ground up based upon your goals and life routine. Check-ins occur routinely to make sure we are on track and continue making progress; they are then adjusted accordingly to meet goals and expectations.

A complete nutrition plan designed to fit into lifestyle and goals Full customized training plan developed to help client progressively overload, manipulate volume, frequency, and rep scheme to obtain results Full supplement protocol Bi-weekly check-ins and 24/7 access to answer every and all questions regarding the program.

One time full diet layout based on your goals and lifestyle

• Explanation and reasoning for the set-up of the plan, so you will have an understanding of how your progress is going to start.

• Variety of foods used as well as alternatives that can be substituted

• Meal frequency options to fit lifestyle

• General Recommendations of health and performance related supplements based on goals.

• One to two follow up updates via email within the first month to adjust any issues or things that are not working correctly with your bodies feedback within the plan and/or lifestyle

The client will receive a training program based off of the individuals' needs, in which program design will be based on goals, needs and time commitment. This begins with an assessment of"

• Athletes progress pictures

• Any structural / mobility issues that need to be worked around or addressed through training

• Exercise selection that you feel has worked well for you and also exercise selection that needs to be avoided

• A new program will be developed using principles but not limited to frequency, volume, overreaching, and progressive overload